Tattoos by the Pros - Tattoos and Piercing

Tattoos By RC is a full service Tattoo and Body Piercing shop located at 1410 E, MacDade Blvd. located in Folsom Pennsylvania. We do tattoo, cosmetic tattoos and body piercing; feel free to stop by and browse through our vast number of tattoos or bring your own. If you're interested in stopping by to check us out, we're five minutes from I-95 as well as the Blue Route; I-476. Walk-ins are welcomed.

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Do you need to remove or lighten a tattoo?

Tattoos have become a great avenue for self-expression.  However, what seems  like a good idea at the time often turns to regret when a tattoo no longer has  meaning or just does not look good anymore.  There are different ways to fade  and hopefully remove the unwanted tattoo from the body. To find out more and receive a $50 discount coupon.


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